Lovefleurite Blessed to Have Such Beauty in My Home

Lovefleurite: Blessed to have such beauty in my home. Not only are orchids symmetrical and pleasing to the eye, they have been found in Chinese medicine that dates back to 2800 BC.


Matt Choi: Three Psychological Mindsets To Beat Wall Street

Matt Choi: Three Psychological Mindsets To Beat Wall Street.Matt Choi is a successful, self-taught, professional trader with over 16 years of experience trading the markets. He is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician) who specializes in trading stocks, ETFs, futures, currencies, commodities, and option

Brian Connell-Tombs-Interview

Interview with Brian Connell-Tombs, Founder Of CT Compliance Consulting. In today’s world where large-scale data breaches and hacks of private client information seem to be happening with increasing frequency, the issue of cybersecurity has never been more pressing to the financial industry.