Businesses Turn to Purchasing Strategies to Mitigate Rising Costs and Keep Cheap Electricity Rates

What can businesses that need to focus on maintaining cheap electricity rates and sustaining their energy budget do to mitigate the effects of this rate increase? There are actually a few steps organizations can take, particularly during colder winter months.


A Look at the Trading Education Programs of Matt Choi’s Certus Trading

Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Matt Choi is the founder and chief strategist of trading education company, Certus Trading. Certus Trading offers detailed training courses to traders and investors so that they can better understand the market and develop their own personalized trading strategies.

Brian Connell-Tombs-Interview

Interview with Brian Connell-Tombs, Founder Of CT Compliance Consulting. In today’s world where large-scale data breaches and hacks of private client information seem to be happening with increasing frequency, the issue of cybersecurity has never been more pressing to the financial industry.