Green products continue to dominate construction industry

Look around at the construction landscape, one thing is for certain, green building is the future of the construction industry.


How to Identify and Address Skills Gaps

Skills gaps can be one of the most significant obstacles to ensuring an organization attains its goals and fulfill its mission. If staff does not have the skills they need to deliver the results, that of course makes it difficult for an organization to achieve its current goal and to grow and adapt to changing markets and environments.

Benefits Of Green Technology and Trends in Commercial And Residential Construction Projects In Ontario

Post by Michael Beattie. With the popularity of "green" products and services on the rise in Ontario and the trend not looking to slow down anytime soon, residential and commercial construction development products and building techniques that are friendly to the environment are seeing a rapid rise in sales. Let's look at some of the green trends in construction industry and structure design.

New Social Media Alternatives Like ConnectPal

New Social Media Alternatives Like ConnectPal Draw In Celebrities. In recent years, there has been growing movement of celebrities turning away from traditional media and news outlets to reach their audiences. Instead, the millennial celebrity and famous people of today are embracing a variety of social media platforms to interact directly with their fans.